Best Luxury Wine Experience Across the Globe

Most men are good at rescuing wine trapped in a bottle. It seems that we have hit the chord with you right off the bat. Almost everyone knows the language of wine. Ravishing fans of wine would agree that wine is great pleasure wrapped in a bottle. For the avid wine lovers out there, it’s not a luxury, but an everyday grocery item. So, it could very well be the daily habit of dedicated wine lovers. They take their wine hobby with them everywhere they go. Goes without saying, luxury wines are people-pleasers. Pair luxury wine with good food and it proves to be an experience of a lifetime.

The indispensable search for new and improved luxury wine has made some lesser-known regions popular. Moreover, restaurant wines have also improved drastically over the years. Now, you don’t have to go to any lengths or expense to hunt the best places for luxury wines. Since you have the appetite for luxury wines, you have hit the right button. We bring you some exotic places across the globe that will help you combine the love of wine and travel. It’s like a match made in heaven. So, let’s get to the places that offer the Rolls-Royce of wines.

Napa Valley, USA

As much as Disneyland prepares for the crush of visitors, Napa Valley does the same. With an abundance of wine flowing in Napa Valley, it’s the second most tourist visited area in California after Disneyland. As much as five million visitors head towards this long-awaited wine gateway every year. Napa’s soil, climate, and topography provide an ideal platform to produce high-quality wines like a breeze. From Chardonnay to Zinfandel, the place has more than 400 different wineries to please visitors. The majority of the wineries charge a fee for the sake of touring or wine tasting, but the quality of wine brands poured in the luxury wine glasses, and the amount of information garnered during the tour along with the amazing settings makes it a worthwhile deal.

The sheer amount of luxury winery options can overwhelm your senses. Overall, the fantastic visitor-friendly wineries in Napa Valley play a good host to all the visitors. With world-class restaurants, amazing Mediterranean climate, stunning wine, resorts, and wildlife, there’s no better place to experience the flavor of wine than Napa Valley. One can easily find lodging accommodations in the downtown area of Napa Valley, which would be close to the tasting rooms with plenty of nearby restaurants. So, one can easily walk to the dinner spot after wine tasting without the need of driving under the influence of wine. Overall, Napa Valley does live up to the hype in terms of wine quality as well as the visitor experience.

Yarra Valley, Australia

The Yarra Valley is a vibrant, wine-bustling, and friendly place that offers a relaxing and a distinguished wine experience like no other place. It’s one of the coolest regions of Australia with altitude varying from 50 meters to 400 meters. The variation in attitude combined with the rich soil enables several varieties of wine to excel. It’s often easy to forget that the place is only one hour east of Melbourne. With its swaying vineyards, panoramic mountains, rustic farmhouses, and stunning wineries, Yarra Valley is recognized for being one of the finest wine-friendly areas worth visiting.

It’s not only home to some classic wineries, but it’s also proving to a home for the bold and exciting breed of revolutionary winemakers who are keen on pushing the boundaries of grapes to produce something above and beyond. Running parallel to the classic wines, the emerging varieties are also showing great promise. All of this creates an exciting wine future for luxury wine brands in the Yarra Valley. Besides the wineries, one can enjoy a stay in the region’s finest accommodation and restaurants. Match the superb wine tasting experience with classic restaurant meals to create a masterpiece experience. So, there is more to the place than luxury wines. Overall, this place is a wine paradise for luxury wine lovers.

Mendoza, Argentina

Believe it or not, Mendoza produces two-thirds of the entire wine in Argentina. The wine region of Mendoza spreads over 350,000 acres of land. With 1500+ wineries spread throughout the region, the place is wide open for tourists to enjoy the best of luxury wine and architectural beauty. The place hosts cozy family-owned wineries to the most spectacular winery architecture. With a commitment to quality wines and a strong sense of heritage, the place is a powerhouse for classic and exotic luxury wines. There is no reason to not fall in love with Mendoza luxury wines.