Luxury Wine Cellars

Luxury Wine Cellars: The Home of Fine Wine

The majority of us can only dream about dedicating an entire room for our luxury wine collection. After all, an indoor luxury wine cellar won’t come on a shoestring budget. So, it’s not something one can expect to own in the middle of an ordinary day. Even wearing our lucky underpants for years won’t be of great help over here. Should you end up in a lucky situation where you can afford a luxury wine cellar, you would feel like you have hit a homerun.

Believe it or not, the nation’s love for wine has spurred a revolution in the real estate world. Who would have thought that wine and real estate would go hand in hand? But, things have changed now. Increasing number of wine collections do not shy away from shaving off fortunes to incorporate luxury wine cellars within the four walls of their house to sip, share, and store their favorite wine collection.

Unlike the past, wines are no longer stored in dungeons or dark locations that look like a small cave. Accessing these wine cellars seemed difficult than invading the White House. The chances are that the most of us might have never set our eyes on a wine cellar yet. The new generation, for whom wine collection is a social hobby, status symbol, and an enjoyable pursuit doesn’t approve the old school of thoughts. The wine cellars are out there in the open. Some houses have them for display right in their living rooms.

Wine cellars have made it big in the real-estate business in many regions. Luxury wine cellars have already made it to hundreds and thousands of homes in the United States alone. Fetching bottles of wine for guests from the private wine cellar has now become a matter of pride and status symbol. Luxury wine cellars have literally breathed life into numerous once-dull homes.

A recent survey approves this claim. When surveyed, households where income was greater than $150000, more than 30% of them reported that their dream house should have a full-blown luxury wine cellar in it. Another survey conducted by media rooms showed that almost 45% of the surveyed people indicated that they wanted a wine cellar in their house. For the super-rich out there it has become an item of necessity.

Some real estate experts state that luxury wine cellars have become mandatory for houses that are worth millions of dollars. The wine cellar is often added to the house as a lifestyle statement and for the entertainment factor. The wine room makes a statement of its own. So, it’s not uncommon for non-drinkers to embrace the idea of wine rooms in their real estate.

Some homeowners are willing to burn money first to make money later. With purposeful intent, they built a luxury wine cellar to boost the value of their homes. Believe it or not, this trick has worked like a charm for boatloads of homeowners and real estate agents. After all, luxury wine cellars are instant people-pleaser. They can work the magic on potential buyers.

As they say, a picture speaks more than a thousand words. The same principle applies to homes with luxury wine cellars. They appeal to potential buyers like nothing else. Hence, wine cellars are proving to be a hit in the real estate industry. In the coming days, it won’t be uncommon to witness wine cellar as an essential amenity such as pool, gym, or a home theater.

The majority of the luxury wine cellars feature luxury wine glasses, luxury wine brands, comfy chairs, stunning lighting, and clear sleeves which put the labels on display. Almost everything looks like a showpiece item that elevates one’s status. As a matter of fact, they are not seen as wine cellars anymore. They are like an entertainment space, a trophy room, or an art gallery. Whatever it may be for an individual wine collector, it does add value to the home. As a matter of fact, most of the luxury wine cellars look great even without any wine in them.

Overall, wine cellars are a great mix of luxurious design and ingenious storage solution. The results are so encouraging that homeowners, as well as guests, have a merry time in wine cellars than any other area of the house. So, forget the basement. These days, people are devoting more meaningful areas of their house for wine cellars. When fully stocked with luxury wine brands, the charm is something else. There is no better way to protect one’s wine investment than dedicating a wine cellar for one’s favorite wine collection. Not to forget the fact that individuals who own a private wine cellar become more knowledgeable about luxury wines in due time.